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“I mean, they say you die twice. One time when you stop breathing and a second time, a bit later on, when somebody says your name for the last time.”




Everyone wants it.  Everyone has it.

As a writer, I am a little obsessed with documenting life. I believe that everyone's story has value, both while it is being lived out, as well as when the body is no more.

Everyone wants to leave a legacy. Everyone wants to be known, to be heard and to be remembered.

Writing words of Life, Faith and Memory is my offering to the world. Here, I offer the opportunity to be heard, to be known and to be remembered. Whether through my books, my services in Story Sessions or in my work as an End of Life Doula, my hope and prayer is that each person that visits this site will be equipped to tell their own story.

Please, persuse this site and find encouragement to write. To live. To tell your story and to hear the stories of others. Schedule a Story Session with me to record and tell your life's story. Contact me to get your story written. And if you or someone you know is nearing the end of life, let me support you as an End of Life Doula. 

My blog is for your reading pleasure. My books are for your encouragement. And if nothing else, find here the strength to live and to tell about how you did it.



Write Until You Feel Better: Journal Prompts for Writing Through Grief and Depression

  • Garrett Drew Ellis

A new calling...

So, I recently accepted the fact that my life has a new direction. It is one that I have been fighting and wrestling with for a very long time. But if I am honest, it has been chasing me since I was a little kid.

I learned about grief at a very young age.

I have been writing for over 30 years and obsessed with documenting life.

I already have my funeral and last days planned out ( as much as in my control anyway).

I love people.

I am not scared to die.

What does this all add up to? I believe it culminates in the life I want to live: a life of service to the grieving and to the dying.

So, in May of this year, I plan to take the first step in becoming an EOL Doula. An End of Life Doula is the exact opposite of a birthing doula but serves in the same capacity. Supporting the dying, the terminally ill and the loved ones who are preparing to pass away, EOL Doulas do everything in their power to be of support to those taking the next step into eternity. I will be be training with INELDA ( The International End of Life Doula Association).

In addition to the Doula role, what I believe is unique to what I personally desire to do is the aspect of storytelling and life documentation. Like I said, I was born a storyteller and want to use my obsession for memoir to support others. I believe that no one should die alone, no one's story should go untold and no one should suffer from not knowing the tale that is their deceased loved one's life. Eventually, there will be in home services, a physical studio ( tentatively titled the "LifeWrite Story Studio") and a publishing imprint that offers resources on death, grieving and life documentation.

So I am stepping out. This leap of faith into a new work is scary and a bit intimidating. I also know however that it is necessary. And rewarding. And, calling me.

If you would like to partner with me in this work, feel free to click here or on the photo of my mom and I below. Her story is my motivation for this work. I would love to have you support it.

Here's to life and the stories that it brings...